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Transforming Water Use To Sustain Our Future

There are billions and billions of gallons of water that is backwashed out of sand filtered swimming pools and into sensitive farmland groundwater aquifers, waterways and oceans each year.

Unfortunately, that discharged water is contaminated with chemicals, salt, and metals, all of which are toxic to both plants and animals. This combined with an ever-growing population and the demand for clean water increasing, the need to protect and conserve water is critical.

What is Backwashed Pool Water?

Backwashing is a form of preventive maintenance so that the filter media can be reused. As the name suggests, backwashing involves reversing the flow of water through your filter media, be it AFM, sand, glass pearls or diatomaceous earth (DE). This dislodges dirt and debris that may have become trapped, and flushes it out through your multiport valve to waste.

Transforming Water Use to Sustain Our Future

Let’s examine the scope of this problem. In the Western U.S. alone, there are more than 1 million pools with sand filters. Take just the previously mentioned 200 gallons of water wasted and multiply it by 25 backwashes per year; that adds up to FIVE BILLION gallons of wasted

water, every year. That’s enough water for 100 million people to take a bath! Wait… you also have to top up the pool, add another FIVE BILLION gallons!

Cartridge filters degrade over time, meaning they lose their effectiveness and will eventually have to be replaced, which is both good and bad. While replacing a cartridge gets rid of biofilm that can live in the filter, it means the cartridges get dumped in the landfill. In California alone, nearly one million pool filter cartridges a year end up in landfills, and they’re filled with chemicals, salt, biofilm and copper laden waste.

Did you know it can take up to 200 years for a polymer fiber cartridge to deteriorate and degrade? That being said, there are a number of important environmental, ecological and economic advantages of the BeST Clear System.

The BeST Clear System™ is a futuristic manual or automated media pool filter cleaning method that utilizes our backwash-eco-sustainability-tank, it is a revolutionary and proprietary water ReUse system for residential swimming pools.

The recommended filtration media to be used with the BeST Clear System is an Activated Filter Media, or AFM. AFM has been proven effective in more than ½ a Million pools around the world. It’s a highly engineered product made from a specific type of glass to achieve optimum particle size and shape.

One of the main differences between AFM and other filter media is its bio-resistance. After six to 12 months, biofilm in a sand filter has gathered to a point where the grains stick together, forming clumps. That leads to the formation of larger clumps which causes channeling of the filter bed. That reduces filtration performance and allows biofouled unfiltered water to reach your friends and family using the pool, that’s not healthy.

How Does It Work?

To put it in the simplest of terms, The BeST Clear System actually works on the same ancient principle of decanting wine. Wine would be poured into a glass decanter or barrel, then the sediments would settle to the bottom. The BeST Clear System applies the same concept, but with water instead of wine!

Once a week or two manually or digitally, a controlled actuator rotates the backwash valve, adjusts the pump speed and the pool water starts reversing out of the filter. The dirt laden turbid water fills The “BeST Clear POD” flushed from the filter.

The water is then held in the Best Clear System for up to 7 days or before if the next cleaning cycle is needed – but a min of 24 hours. This allows the sediments and particles to settle to the bottom of the tank. The water in the upper 85% of the tank clears and is recirculated back through the filter (recommended usage of AFM media) where it’s fine cleaned then returned to the pool.

With automation you can control the system to clear and clean automatically, or it can be operated manually for the budget minded. The simplified cleaning of filtration results in a consistently crystal clear, healthy, sparkling pool.

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