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Why You Need This Automatic Pool Clearing System

The BeST Clear System™ is a futuristic manual or automated media pool filter cleaning method that utilizes our backwash-eco-sustainability-tank, it is a revolutionary and proprietary water ReUse system for residential swimming pools that will do four things:

#1: The BeST Clear System Meets EPA Standards

The BeST Clear System meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s BMPs (Best Management Practices) by Recycling cleared backwash water through a method already used for water sustainability in South Africa and Australia, where it has earned the Smart Approved watermark.

#2: Save 1000's of Gallons of Water

We as the Best Pool Water Recycling Company saves (per pool) thousands of gallons of water cleaning media filters per year, by preventing backwash wasted water from heading down the street to storm drains, which leads to the rivers, lakes, and eventually the ocean.

#3: The BeST Clear System Protects Groundwater

The BeST Clear System will protect our sensitive groundwater aquifers, waterways and oceans from intrusion of chemicals like the toxic algaecide – copper sulfate, or salt, chlorine, acids and metals from a typical pool media filter backwash cleaning cycle.

#4: The BeST Clear System Works With Existing Filters

The BeST Clear System works with any existing media filter, Fluidra, Pentair, Hayward, or Waterway etc.

Ready to purchase? Interested in offering to your Clients? Additional questions?

You can easily reach out to us by contacting us through our contact details below:

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