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Like to leave a review? We cannot thank you enough for sharing about your experience with BeST Clear System.

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The cleaning of the filter only takes a couple of minutes using my BeST Clear System, and I appreciate the Reuse/Recycle aspect not losing any water or taking the filter apart. I watch my neighbor clean their pool filters in the street. ... what a waste of water and a mess." 

Dorothy Marie


"I have lots to do around the house on weekends, and not having to clean the pool filter is one less thing on my list. It's really nice to watch it work, such a simple process, with big results. In my last pool I had a cartridge filter that I hated cleaning... thank goodness for the BeST Clear system with auto clean on our remote control." 

Frank W.


I wanted to express the experience my wife and I had, with Greg from your company, about our residential pool project. I mentioned to Greg the importance of having a Salt/Saline system, but was concerned about the chemicals and salts leaching into the ground, not only contaminating our family farm property but eventually reaching the underground aquifers and contaminating surrounding neighbors properties as well.


Greg explained Aquos pools has the BeST Clear system POD that will meet all my concerns. It is sustainable while keeping the soil protected, not to mention water, energy savings and reduction of my time needed to maintain the pool. Your BeST Clear dealer Aquos pools was the only company that addressed our concerns, providing a method of keeping chemicals & salt from contaminating our family farm and others. My wife and I were excited to see that Aquos pools was just as concerned about contaminating the surrounding area as we are. The other pool contractors we met with had no answers to my questions or concerns. I do not understand why anyone would buy a pool that is not installed with this system, especially with the technology we have available today. We are looking forward to “not” adding additional work/cost to our

Jack Rose

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Our Solution is Our Mission

Provide a solution that has a positive environmental impact on our ecosystem, and to make this world a better place.

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