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This Media/D.E. Model GM 100 POD is the answer to saving pre-treated, wasted water for ReUse from backwash discharge, and the capture of sediments and D.E. containing chemicals, metals, & salts that contaminate our local streams and rivers.


Designed for pool professionals and homeowners, the method is a proprietary three-step process method for clearing:

  • The Media Backwash cycle passes through a mesh sock to capture floating debris.
  • Then turbidity sedimentation.
  • Finally re-filtration prior to ReUse in the pool.


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G-100M POD (Media Model)

SKU: 0001
    • All the sediments decanted to the bottom of the POD are easily accessed for removal in minutes, with both ReUse and sludge ports (threaded & welded) for proper disposal of contaminated sediments.

    • The “Best Clear POD” is made of non-translucent UV blocking, food grade material and produced right here in the USA.

    • The GM-100 provides a specific location for cleaning of media or D.E. filters, so your pool tech or homeowner is not cleaning/backwashing in the landscape drains, or driveway that lead to the gutter, allowing the sediments with chlorine, metals, acids or salts to enter the street gutter drains that enter directly into neighborhood ponds, streams, rivers, lakes or directly into the ocean! (Realizing that allowing that to occur can and will eventually lead to a substantial fine).


    Dischargers could be fined up to $25,000 per violation! per California Fish & Game Code Section 5650.

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